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Dynamic Stabilization

What is Dynamic Stabilization?

Dynamic stabilization devices reduce flexibility in one or more vertebral segments without complete stiffening of these segments. The implants are applied from behind (posteriorly) in the lumbar spine and fixed either by screws (as e.g. the Dynesys®-System), which are inserted into the vertebrae, or by interspinous spacers, which are clamped between the spinous processes.

Why is the spine dynamically stabilized?

Many age-related and degenerative spinal diseases cause severe back pain due to a certain instability of motion segment. Fusion of one ore more motion segments might be the final solution to back pain relief. Fusion of these motion segments is an irrevocable surgery and can sometimes result in increased stress at the neighboring levels. It was therefore necessary to develop alternative procedures.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Stabilization?

Dynamic Stabilization limits the mobility caused by degenerative instability but it does not eliminate the movement in the treated segment. This can result in less degeneration of the adjacent segments. Furthermore, Dynamic Stabilization is a reversible surgery, i.e. the device can be removed in case that the functionality is restored or that another surgery has to be performed.
As the dynamic stabilization device is sometimes exposed to extreme forces an increased rate of follow-up surgeries due to fatigue failure of the implant or loosening of the screws might occur.

Who will decide if dynamic stabilization is the right option for you?

Your spinal surgeon will explain and discuss all options available with you. Depending on the radiological findings and your clinical symptoms dynamic stabilization may be an alternative treatment option.

Does the Center of Spinesurgery and Neurotraumatology perform dynamic stabilization surgeries?

Our specialists have extensive experience in dynamic stabilization surgeries on the lumbar spine and will be happy to answer all your questions. Please make an appointment to see one of our experts.

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