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Intraoperative computer tomography

What does intraoperative computer tomography mean?

During surgery, the patient can be examined by a special computer tomograph without being moved. The intraoperative CT requires a highly sophisticated equipment and a well trained team as sterility and the immediate continuation of surgery are essential.
The Trauma Clinic Frankfurt is one of only a few clinics in Germany who offer the intraoperative CT and disposes of 10 years experience in this method.

What are the advantages of the intraoperative CT?

The intraoperative CT provides a position monitoring during surgery, which ensures a considerable increase in safety. Surgical implants have to be positioned in close proximity to very sensitive structures. In these cases intraoperative CT ensures a correct placing of the implants as the surgeon can verify the correct positioning at any time.

What are the differences between intraoperative CT and standard CT?

From the technical point of view, there is no difference between an intraoperative CT and a conventional CT. The exposure to radiation is on the same level and both types of images are of identical quality.

  1. But there are more advantages of the intraoperative CT: in the moment of scanning, the patient is in surgical position, which can be relevant particularly in case that the spinal anatomy is different in dorsal and ventral position.
  2. The intraoperative CT allows an immediate control and correction, if necessary, without time loss or the necessity of transferring the patient.
  3. Furthermore, the patients are under anaesthesia. Thus, the probability of a motion artefact is reduced to a minimum.

If the intraoperative CT is standard procedure in the Trauma Clinic, do I have to do a CT scan before surgery?

Primarily, the intraoperative CT serves the control of the surgical results. Therefore a conventional CT is indispensable for diagnosis and the decision of the further treatment.

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