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Dynamic Implants

Dynamic Implants

Fusion surgery is performed to prevent motion in a certain spinal level whereas dynamic stabilization is performed to control the movement but not to completely eliminate mobility. Dynamic implants are for example Artificial Disk Prostheses, Interspinous Implants and Dynamic Screw-Rod-Systems. Interspinous Implants allow a widening of the spinal canal as they are placed between the spinous processes. Spinal instability, caused by degenration, might be treated in its early forms by Dynamic Screw-Rod-Systems.

Artificial Disc Prostheses

An Artificial Disc Prosthesis is a device which is implanted into the spine to replace degenerated spinal discs and to maintain mobility of the spine. There are different types of disc prostheses for the cervical and lumbar spine.

Minimally invasive Implants

Minimally invasive Implants can be placed through small incisions as e.g. screw-plate-systems or distractible vertebral body replacements, which can be placed into the spine with the aid of endoscopic visualization (Thoracoscopy). Furthermore, there are special screw-rod-systems, which can be placed minimally invasively in fusion surgeries.

Implants that grow with children and adolescents

Spine surgery in children and adolescents can lead to growth disturbances. Therefore, implants that grow with children and adolescents have been developed. There are rod-systems as well as screw-rod-systems which grow with the body and maintain their functionality during growth.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you about all kinds of dynamic implants and will help you to figure out your best option.

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